Howto: Btrfs on a Compressed File Device

11 April, 2015 05:35 CST6CDT

Mount options:

Prerequisite: btrfs-tools

First create the loop back file.  In this case the disk image will be 5 GB.

dd if=/dev/zero of=/var/diskfile1 bs=1M count=5000

Create a device for the loop back file:

losetup /dev/loop1 /var/diskfile1

Create a Btrfs File System:

mkfs.btrfs -L randomlabel /dev/loop1

When you mount this partition, you may use the mount option "compress=lzo" or "compress=zlib" for a compressed filesystem. lzo offers better performance while zlib provides better compression.

mount LABEL=randomlabel /mnt/1 -o rw,compress=zlib

Here is an example fstab entry:

/dev/loop1 /mnt/1 btrfs rw,compress=zlib 0 0

Btrfs makes the call on what to compress and what to leave uncompressed.  This fstab entry works well with non binary data as it forces compression:

/dev/loop1 /mnt/1 btrfs rw,compress=zlib,compress-force=zlib,flushoncommit 0 0

Finally, make sure you are using the maximum size:

btrfs fi resize max /mnt/1

If you are using initscripts, you can add an early hook into the init bootstrap to map the loop device for an automatic mount (external source).

Create a script in /etc/rc.d/functions.d  Call the script "loops" for example.

The script should look something like this:

# Loop Setup

    losetup /dev/loop1 /var/diskfile1

add_hook sysinit_premount do_loop

Then just add the /dev/loop1 or UUID to /etc/fstab and let the system mount it as normal.

If you are using systemd, you can take the same script, and put it somewhere like /usr/lib/systemd/scripts for example, and remove the line reading "add_hook sysinit_premount do_loop", and change it to "do_loop".

Then add a service file to call it early in the boot process.  Name this /usr/lib/systemd/system/loops.service for example (external source).

Description=Setup loop devices



Enable the service in systemd:

systemctl enable loops.service

If you are using upstart, edit /etc/init/losetup.conf with the following (external source):

description     "Setup loop devices after filesystems are mounted"

start on mounted MOUNTPOINT=/  
exec losetup /dev/loop1 /var/diskfile1

Resize the container, See this URL - add storage, do NOT balloon a container.  For example: /dev/loop0 & /dev/loop1 may be combined for a complete file system.

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Recommended Picture Settings for Sceptre HD Displays

25 March, 2015 03:02 CST6CDT

The recommended screen settings for various Sceptre HDTV displays is of an opinion in addition to the type of content you are viewing. The settings shown here I have found are optimal and preferred for viewing high definition theater quality content from a digital input.

I found myself changing screen setting values at every change of a media device or the video content being shown. After a period of time I have tweaked a set of picture settings suited best for both out of direct day light and low light viewing atmospheres. Since factory Sceptre HD picture settings are either overcompensated or under-compensated, I have found the following user picture setting to be a suitable starting point in which to use for enjoyment or tweak to your own personal preferences.

Picture Settings & User Mode | Picture > Settings
Color Temperature
Advanced > Dynamic Contrast
Advanced > Noise Reduction
Advanced > MPEG Noise Reduction
Settings > User > Brightness
Settings > User > Contrast
Settings > User > Color
Settings > User > Tint
Settings > User > Sharpness
These are the available picture settings for the Sceptre E505BV-FMQR HDTV

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Google Yuck Bots Killed Yatse (Failure)

20 March, 2015 13:09 CST6CDT

No one tells Google who's boss when it comes to the two words 'take down'.  Finding a route to a human Google representative is a privilege among class and for the most part impossible for all others. Most whom have never been hounded with Google evildoing probably assumes there is a toll free number or e-mail communication form responded by someone (a person) who cares. No I am sorry to say, talking to Google is like breaking into a prison and then breaking out all in any which way would be strugle enough.

You don't see Google Adsense on this site as of this article. Thanks Google bot – thanks for the hours upon hours of failed communication attempts to try to resolve the ban of advertisements on because of a failed Google AI product.

Now that Google is personally approving every application submission of Android software, some will fall on even harder times. Sure they have always been scanning the submitted APK for malware and several other traits. Now their are several bots including a living/drone type human endpoint whip chained by the new bot scores to click a submission or submissive button. Now we have another failed Google AI product or rather ecosystem take down one of the greatest Kodi remotes on the Playstore Market, Yatse. Yatse is an application in which I donated to and an application currently without a home.

Well thanks Google for another random strike on applications ... ‪#‎Yatse‬ have been removed from Play Store after 2.5 years of presence for an obscure "Violation of the intellectual property and impersonation or deceptive behavior provisions of the Content Policy" without any more details and warning before. Nothing was changed at all apart filling the new forced content rating form and suddenly lost all my revenues. I hope someone human answer with details soon, but I'm joining the anger from all developers around about how ‪#‎Google‬ treat devs, take 30% share without problem but certainly do not do support or act as human when killing someone.

- Yatse via Facebook

updated 2015-03-25

Yatse is back on the Play Store though the developer is standing on a slippery slope with a ban on the application nearing the fall from the edge if he does not perform the magic Google requires for displaying application demo images.

"#‎Yatse‬ is now back on Play Store, without any images until I can figure out what the Google bot does not like in open sources ones. Anyway a big thank you all for the support as this was kind of an hard very long Week End."

The developer of Yatse earlier made clear a few of the obligations that devs must be cautioned of before developing for the Android platform:

The answer is very interesting for all Google Play developers :

- Google will remove your application on suspicions and not on real facts.

- No human will check what you upload or say.

- It's nearly impossible to have a real contact and support.

- You need to try to fix problem yourself without details and hope to have it fixed before ban. (Very hard when in fact there's no problem)

Yatse is a remote control for the Kodi and XBMC multimedia software system. The Yatse developer goes further to explain his confusion:

- 100% of the new images where public domain or Creative Common

- There was absolutely no images of TV SHOWS in the new images (and neither music)

These simple 2 facts proves the previous points and that the situation is completely insane and needs to be fixed.

Good luck all indie devs of the world.

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The Sceptre E505BV-FMQR HDTV Overview

20 March, 2015 09:10 CST6CDT

The Sceptre E505BV-FMQR HDTV is a 50 inch (diagonal corner to corner screen) for the budget consumers. At any given time, you may see this TV/Monitor sell from $340 and up depending on the store front. With this selling price, you will mostly come across smaller screens at higher prices as the Sceptre gives no illusion of more than basic control and functionality.

Sceptre E505BV-FMQR 50 inch TV

I have been testing this Sceptre TV for a couple of weeks. My first impression when playing video on this model is that all the screen type presets overcompensate on color and contrast. You will need to play with the user settings mode to find the values that look best for your media. Once I had a user preset for my liking, the E505BV screen was as good as any other minus most advanced video settings. You will not find options in the setting for gamma, hue, saturation, or any other screen controls of this caliber. You can however change the color temperature, brightness, contrast, color, tint, sharpness, screen size or orientation, dynamic contrast, the film mode feature (forces 24p), and noise reduction (with MPEG) options. It is good to note that the user display settings are per input.

The hardest part of switching to this TV was the sound pass-through options. You may set the audio pass-through to 'PCM' or '5.1'. Neither of these settings passes through any DTS audio contrary to what you would expect with PCM pass-through. Any Dolby Digital audio being passed through that is more than 2 channels must use the '5.1' audio pass-through option. I have yet to test the built in speakers (2 x 10W 8 Ohm) but the consensus on many reviews is that it sounds horrendous and therefor Sceptre pushes an accompanying sound bar device for sale with this TV.

The Sceptre TV has three HDMI inputs with the HDMI 2 input allowing MHL functionality. They push Roku devices as an add-on for integration into the TV's MHL/Roku HDMI port. The MHL feature allows for sharing a display from another device such as a phone or tablet. All three of the HDMI ports are being used although I have yet to test any MHL compliant device.

In addition to the HDMI inputs, the E505BV-FMQR also allows input from the following types: cable/antenna, 1x component (YPbPr), 1x composite, VGA (D-SUB), VGA audio, and USB input. The USB input may be used to power an extended device or used with storage devices to playback some types of music formats. The HDMI port 2 with MHL capabilities does provide power for connected devices.

The digital input modes supported are: 1080/24p, 1080/60p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i. If you are using the screen for TV broadcast, the following input modes are supported: 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i. The display does sync properly with digital input devices and I have seen 1080/50p in addition to the above modes. This device outputs 60 Hz max that allows for a lower retail price compared to devices that do 120 Hz or higher.

While I complained earlier about the DTS PCM pass-through, this TV does provide three options of audio output. You will find an optical SPDIF link-out as is a standard on most devices. Their is a headphone jack-out option for headsets. For a rarity even among higher profile displays', the Sceptre has two RCA (left/right) audio output jacks.

The remote control is robust however most of the media control buttons are for the Roku or sound-bar add-on options. For universal remote users, this TV uses Sony compatible remote control codes.

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Made to Order Highbrow ECIG Liquid

07 February, 2015 02:04 CST6CDT

If you are in a habit of moving from one store to another in a quest to find the perfect electronic cigarette liquid, you have most likely spent hundreds of dollars spread across several on-line stores chasing clouds for just the right taste of a great vape. It seams as though their are more e-liquid companies than rocks on any random beach and it is very unlikely you shop at just one when stocking up on e-juice. Highbrow Vapor could lessen the gap between purchases with their customizable e-liquid selection.

"Come inside O 'weary internet traveler and rest your cold bones beside the fire. Sit down a while and let me spin you a long winded tale of a family who decided to turn a budding passion into a blossoming craft. Their quest... to find the ultimate e liquid for their heavily modified vaping devices. The journey took them far and wide in search of the finest most flavorful American made ingredients. What they discovered was pure vaping bliss! With this knowledge in hand and a little creativity they soon realized that what they had was something quite special."

Indeed, e-liquid engineering is a science and a craft. Exceptional ingredients in your favorite food dish at meal time results in a more self fashionable experience and as such the ingredients in your e-juice can make that very same difference between enjoyable to your liking or bluntly blah in nature.

We seek out only the finest ingredients for our e-juices and feel what sets us apart is our unrelenting quest to find the best flavorings on the market. We produce many of our flavorings on site and those we don't are special ordered from only the nations most respected producers. Rest assured knowing when you purchase our E liquid your VG and PG are 100% USP Food grade kosher and your nic is 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade. Our juice is produced in medically clean environments and is made to order using the highest production standards possible. All of the ingredients in our products are deemed generally safe for human consumption by the FDA. Product is always kept in dark, dry environments at temperatures that would make most computer servers envious. Our philosophy dictates that when it comes to e-juice, "the sum is not greater than its parts". Crafting the best e liquids is a process and we enjoy every aspect of it!

Now that we are settled into the craft of e-liquid and the ingredients that are carefully prepared to go into it, we may find that even a craftsman can not pin the needle on your taste bud on every occasion. This is where Highbrow Vapor exceeds Lowbrow and Middlebrow e-liquid companies.

"At Highbrow Vapor we not only welcome customization of flavor, we encourage it! On every product page we give suggestions of which flavors we like to combine the most with a particular product. These suggestions are in ORANGE. Don't be misled by this into thinking these are your only options, however. You have total control over what you want your juice to taste like. Get creative...The possibilities are endless. Rest assured knowing that we only use the finest natural flavorings in all of our products and only the highest quality PG/VG and Nicotine base."

Highbrow Vapor encourages you to hack and manipulate their flavors by giving you the means to customize the ingredients for an end product simply by expressing your thoughts onto a web page of your flavored choice with an encompassing broad selection of flavors. No need to be tweaked however, this need not be complicated! The ready to order bottles of e-juice are absolutely amazing. The ready to order bottles of e-juice are absolutely amazing (repeated to show importance)... This is not a mix and match customization with radio and check boxes, or drop down boxes, or with choices of any complexity at all. You type and they shall read your words.

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