How-to Support Equality With Pride On-line Globally

19 June, 2015 18:02 CST6CDT

The ability to support diversity on-line with a massive number of your peers for Pride, a global festivity happening in one place on an otherwise random corner of the Internet, is now possible.  Prepare to celebrate LGBTQ and diversity by creating an Android Droid representation of yourself for the event occurring on the weekend of June 27th and 28th.  Android is the name of Google's smartphone operating system.  A Droid (robot) often represents Google's Android.

Global Pride AndroidGoogle is putting on a global virtual Pride parade named #AndProud where your self-designed Droid will march.  You may use Androidify to create a Droid with several choices of hair and color, shirt and pants, with a persona of your own.  Optionally you may identify your Pride march Droid with a name and (or) location.

Along with the virtual global pride event happening on-line, your Droid may be chosen to be displayed on a large screen on a parade float during Google's physical support of diversity in the San Francisco, London, and New York parade locations.

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SpamAssassin Updates Not Available - Version 1588424 is the last sa-update version available for the near future

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FFMPEG Remove Metadata (EXIF)

30 May, 2015 20:49 CST6CDT

The following ffmpeg command line notes demonstrate how to remove all EXIF data from a source media file.

Use the following switches on the ffmpeg command line before the output file or output method is called:

-map 0 -map_metadata -1

The source stream needs to be re-encoded, copied, or at a minimum pushed through ffmpeg with the above two switches.

Here is an example to remove metadata during a video transcode:

ffmpeg -threads 2 -i myvideo.mp4 -c:v libx264 -crf 32 -c:a libfdk_aac -b:a 128k -map 0 -map_metadata -1 newvideo.mp4

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Cyanogenmod 11 M6 on the LG Optimus G (LS970) - No GPS and Crash Workaround

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18 May, 2015 08:57 CST6CDT

I went back in time with the help of and took a look at one of my first, and possibly the very first, public accessible website I created,  The snapshot shown here from 2004-08-26 I believe is using a simple CMS I put together along with a custom forum application and a nostalgic guest book application written in PHP.

I soon after grew a distaste for the domain name and went on a journey of preponderance that ultimately led me to the domain name in which to host content and media related to my interests and my opinions throughout these many years after and to this current day and time. Wayback Machine 2004-08-26: - A community brought together for the intention of learning something new.

The real treasure for this morning's blast from the past is the archive of five Blog post entries linked from the home page.  I will in short time insert these posts into the current CMS so I may look back on to it occasionally when I would like a smile.

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Amazon is giving away $10 in credit at the Amazon Appstore for those whom have recently browsed their website using an Android device

17 May, 2015 23:07 CST6CDT

If you have used an Android device to browse and do not have an Amazon device linked to your account, the company is offering a $10 credit to purchase apps from the Amazon Appstore.

This offer came in the form of an e-mail from Amazon after they had tracked my use on the website while using an Android device with Google Play Services running the show.

You will have a few weeks to use the credit given to you.  Haven't received this offer though use in a web browser on a Android device?  I am sure if you send them a quick message they may be able to accommodate you.  No promises from me however.

Take note that you will need to sideload Amazon's Appstore onto your Android device.  They give a link to the APK along with instructions which include allowing applications from untrusted or unknown sources to be installed which may be enabled in the security section of your device's settings.

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WD TV Live (Western Digital Media Device) Specifications

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Use The ATI Remote Wonder with OpenELEC and Kodi

06 May, 2015 17:31 CST6CDT

This is the process for enabling the ATI Remote Wonder remote control for use with Kodi (formerly XBMC) on OpenELEC.  Thank you Chris for the installation process and the key-bindings.

  • Enable the SSH and Samba servers in OpenELEC's control panel.
  • Upload ati_x10 to the Config directory shared by Samba.  This keytable is the key-bindings for the ATI Remote Wonder and the Kodi interface.
  • Execute this command to enable the remote: ir-keytable -w /storage/.config/ati_x10

To load the ATI Remote Wonder keytable at startup automatically, create and edit the file in the configuration directory using this command: nano /storage/.config/  Copy and paste the following, then press control-x, then y, and finally press the enter key to save the file.


ir-keytable -w /storage/.config/ati_x10

exit 0

You will need to make executable with the command: chmod +x /storage/.config/  For changing or tweaking the remote control codes, use the ATI Remote Wonder Codes along with the available Kodi Remote Control Codes as references.  As a last note, in some instances the ATI Remote Wonder mouse actions may crash the system if used before the keytable is loaded.

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The Zend, The XCache, and The eAccelerator OPCODE Caching PHP Shared Privy

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