Advancing With E-CIGS

16 April, 2014 20:00 CST6CDT

Many people start using an e-cig with let-down sub-par components making it a miracle that anyone entering this realm of nicotine alternatives stick with the vape and make electronic cigarettes a permanent move. Walmart, Walgreens, and numerous gas stations and convenience stores display products that try to lure you into electronic cigarette glory by showcasing throw-away one-time use devices and weak rechargeable e-cig kits that tax on an overly expensive replacement cartridge amendment with little promise of an economical advantage or a pleasurable reward.

If you are motivated, able to hurdle over a possible unpleasant first experience, and make a small investment of time with trial and error for experimentation with proper e-cig components, the vaping experience adopts greater value and pleasure with just one small step outside the scope of big store e-cig displays.

Throw Away Disposables

Throw away e-cigarettes are found as an alternative in many places to nicotine products. These devices usually cost slightly below ten dollars and may last up to a day for some depending on habit. For many, picking up one of these throw away nicotine replacement alternatives is their first experience with vaping. Depending on your average consumption rate of nicotine, these inexpensive (varies) blu disposable e-cigse-cigs may provide the temporary fix that most would get from tobacco. For many other consumers these disposable e-cigs do not provide the nicotine content that more permanent e-cig solutions would offer. Often the nicotine content is 16mg or less and sold advertised as equivalent to one pack of cigarettes. I have never found this comparison to be true. In some cases however, disposables hold more e-juice per purchase/unit than a reusable battery's replaceable cartridge may contain. New consumers whom find disposable e-cigs acceptable or enjoyable often move on to their first starter kit quickly. Some find the cost of a reusable starter kit acceptable for experimentation as a form of first use and these kits often provide a better chance for satisfaction.

Starter Kits

To start vaping right off the bat and move from tobacco products to an electronic cigarette immediately bypassing disposables, your first step is to find a starter kit that suites your personality (look & feel) and lifestyle (battery life & power sources). Starter kits are generally composed of one or two batteries, a case, and a charging mechanism. Off the shelf kits often come with batteries that lack in duration of use and vaping consistency (voltage). Most starter kit batteries are designed to be charged from a USB power source in conjunction with adapters allowing you to re-charge the batteries while on the road (in car 12 volt USB adapter) and also at home or work (AC USB adapter). Large chain stores often sell lack-luster kits such as Blu Cigs or other knowingly generic competitor kits. The batteries in these kits often do not provide enough power for more than a hour of use at best depending on habit. You will therefor find that some of the e-cig cases include a battery-store capable of charging e-cig batteries for a few rounds (generous) when no other power source is available. In some cases the cartridges that hold the e-liquid are proprietary and may only be used with the manufacturer batteries. These pre-filled cartridges are often overly expensive and the cost benefit versus tobacco is in most cases unimpressive.

Often times first time e-cig users will find general store e-cig kits lacking and look for an alternative right off the bat. Some will unfortunately give up altogether which is a shame for the wallet. Internet stores and dedicated e-cig retail stores are a valuable source for batteries, chargers, and cartridge combinations. With a little research and experimentation, an internet e-cig store may provide an electronic cigarette kit with larger (relative to power) and much longer lasting batteries, more versatile charging accessories, and often slicker mobile options. An e-cig battery and charging device alone often costs just a small fraction of a commercial retail kit if you are wishing to get your feet wet without jumping in the pool.

e-cig - Get Your Feet WetVision Mega XL 808 Chrome 350mAh Manual Battery Kit $21.00

When picking out your first e-cig kit be sure to recognize the threading of the batteries. The threading defines the type of e-liquid cartridges that may be used for vaping with your batteries. A few threading standards are 510, 801, 808, and 901.

The cartridges that hold the vaping liquid (e-juice, e-liquid) may be purchased pre-filled with various flavors and nicotine strengths. As you grow confident, blank cartomizers (cartridges) with the proper threading for your batteries may be purchased in conjunction with bottles of e-liquid. E-Liquid, or 'e-juice' as it is coined, is often sold in bottle sizes of 10, 15, 30, or 50 milliliters (most commonly) with nicotine strengths of 8, 10, 16, 24, or 32 milligrams (most commonly) and flavors ranging from deep exotic tobacco to mouth drooling 'cheese cake'.

Mad TobaccoMadVapes is my go to site for hundreds of assorted e-juice flavors.

Moving On Up

Ego Mega Dual Coil Cartomizer Kit

The Ego Mega Dual Coil Cartomizer Kit is pictured above.

The Compact eGo RBC Starter Kit may also be of interest.

Their are several other Ego configurations ranging from $15.99 to $54.99

One of many decent batteries to start vaping with is an Ego. These batteries usually come with 510 threading though you may spot some being sold with 808 threading on occasion. An inexpensive 900 mAh battery could easily get you through the day depending on your previous nicotine habits. The Ego batteries usually come with a USB charger and a couple of tanks or cartomizers (holds the e-liquid) when sold as a kit. Charge the battery, screw on a cartomizer or tank filled with your favorite flavor of e-juice and vaping bliss is sure to follow. Ego batteries often produce more vapor and may provide a greater throat hit depending on the ratio of PG/VG e-cig liquid being used. A greater ratio of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) often produces more vapor while Propylene Glycol (PG) may produce more of a throat sensation. PG/VG ratios are often seen in 40/60, 20/80, and 50/50 ratios. Many e-cigarette e-liquid sources will allow you to blend these to your taste. If you are able to bypass the checkout line and introduce yourself to vaping using an Ego battery and an e-juice of your liking, your first time e-cigarette experience may be greatly enlightened.

In the next Advancing With E-CIGS I will touch upon variable voltage batteries. I will also discuss cartomizers, tanks, clearomizers, and rebuildables.

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Today Jesus Saved Me

01 April, 2014 10:38 CST6CDT

Until this morning I was an atheist. Yesterday I was not feeling well, stomach cramps – rather backed up. 'Not feeling well' may be an understatement. My life long fear of aging had been experiencing the embarrassment of purchasing laxatives with a long line of frustrated people curious as to what my small one item purchase may be. I asked God to save me before I laid to sleep and to damn it. Just before waking I had an image of God himself in my dream. He looked into my eyes and said "shit". I immediately woke with heavy perspiration and filled with a rush of adrenaline. Without thinking I dashed into the bathroom. I had been saved. From now until the end of my eternal life on earth I will spread the word of Jesus to everyone I would have otherwise passed. I will knock on doors from dawn to dusk as repayment and repent. I will tell them my story and spread the word of Jesus and how crap could heal their soul.

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Full Disclosure Mailing List is Not Dead - MTA is now Running The Show

26 March, 2014 06:52 CST6CDT

Help Net Security published an article about the new maintainer(s) of the Full Disclosure mailing list. ( has taken over Full Disclosure formerly part of after John Cartwright posted to the former Full Disclosure mailing list announcing the suspension of service indefinitely after the list had actively been used since July 2002.  Gordon Fyodor Lyon is now the new maintainer of the Full Disclosure 'replacement' whom will actively stand up against vendor legal intimidation and censorship attempts.  The e-mail posted to the mailing list announcing the suspension of the former Full Disclosure list contains the following:

"When Len and I created the Full-Disclosure list way back in July 2002, we knew that we'd have our fair share of legal troubles along the way. We were right. To date we've had all sorts of requests to delete things, requests not to delete things, and a variety of legal threats both valid or otherwise. However, I always assumed that the turning point would be a sweeping request for large-scale deletion of information that some vendor or other had taken exception to. I never imagined that request might come from a researcher within the 'community' itself (and I use that word loosely in modern times). But today, having spent a fair amount of time dealing with complaints from a particular individual (who shall remain nameless) I realised that I'm done. The list has had its fair share of trolling, flooding, furry porn, fake exploits and DoS attacks over the years, but none of those things really affected the integrity of the list itself. However, taking a virtual hatchet to the list archives on the whim of an individual just doesn't feel right. That 'one of our own' would undermine the efforts of the last 12 years is really the straw that broke the camel's back. I'm not willing to fight this fight any longer. It's getting harder to operate an open forum in today's legal climate, let alone a security-related one. There is no honour amongst hackers any more. There is no real community. There is precious little skill. The entire security game is becoming more and more regulated. This is all a sign of things to come, and a reflection on the sad state of an industry that should never have become an industry. I'm suspending service indefinitely. Thanks for playing." - Posted to the former Full Disclosure mailing list by John Cartwright

Gordon - "Upon hearing the bad news, I immediately wrote to John offering help. He said he was through with the list, but suggested: 'You don't need me. If you want to start a replacement, go for it.'"  You may subscribe here (including former list members) for a fresh and clean state (a fresh start) of Full Disclosure.  Help Net Security details how the list switched hands with quotes from Gordon Fyodor Lyon and John Cartwright.

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It is Squirrel Thursday! - Flying Squirrel

27 February, 2014 04:47 CST6CDT

One should not doubt the intellect of animals - this intellect may not coincide along the lines of your best interest. Take a squirrel for instance; you mostly see them testing the relationship boundaries between humans and their like, but if you think about it, those damn four legged creatures limp up to you for a peanut with acts of fear every time and never adapt friendly during all those wasted years spent perched a park bench with free food that is frankly rather tasty to us two-legged kind alike. I can get a goldfish to eat out of my hands after a short amount work so why does a squirrel still hesitate? Because you otherwise wouldn't be offering the nut - squirrels are not cute.

This particular evil four legged squirrel shown in the video hijacks an airplane, takes flight, maneuvering loopies, dives, and bombs, without any fear and strangely somewhat opposite, with great joy. For the kick out of feeding a squirrel a few nuts, let it be known that the four legged would carry a heavy bag load from our side if they did not find us humans so greatly amusing themselves.

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Simple Authentication PHP Source Code

24 February, 2014 14:54 CST6CDT

I was digging through some archives and found the PHP source code for the article published as "Simple Authentication using a Variable Length Random Challenge" found at

The code is from 2005 and is available here: Simple Authentication

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