Made to Order Highbrow ECIG Liquid

07 February, 2015 02:04 CST6CDT

If you are in a habit of moving from one store to another in a quest to find the perfect electronic cigarette liquid, you have most likely spent hundreds of dollars spread across several on-line stores chasing clouds for just the right taste of a great vape. It seams as though their are more e-liquid companies than rocks on any random beach and it is very unlikely you shop at just one when stocking up on e-juice. Highbrow Vapor could lessen the gap between purchases with their customizable e-liquid selection.

"Come inside O 'weary internet traveler and rest your cold bones beside the fire. Sit down a while and let me spin you a long winded tale of a family who decided to turn a budding passion into a blossoming craft. Their quest... to find the ultimate e liquid for their heavily modified vaping devices. The journey took them far and wide in search of the finest most flavorful American made ingredients. What they discovered was pure vaping bliss! With this knowledge in hand and a little creativity they soon realized that what they had was something quite special."

Indeed, e-liquid engineering is a science and a craft. Exceptional ingredients in your favorite food dish at meal time results in a more self fashionable experience and as such the ingredients in your e-juice can make that very same difference between enjoyable to your liking or bluntly blah in nature.

We seek out only the finest ingredients for our e-juices and feel what sets us apart is our unrelenting quest to find the best flavorings on the market. We produce many of our flavorings on site and those we don't are special ordered from only the nations most respected producers. Rest assured knowing when you purchase our E liquid your VG and PG are 100% USP Food grade kosher and your nic is 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade. Our juice is produced in medically clean environments and is made to order using the highest production standards possible. All of the ingredients in our products are deemed generally safe for human consumption by the FDA. Product is always kept in dark, dry environments at temperatures that would make most computer servers envious. Our philosophy dictates that when it comes to e-juice, "the sum is not greater than its parts". Crafting the best e liquids is a process and we enjoy every aspect of it!

Now that we are settled into the craft of e-liquid and the ingredients that are carefully prepared to go into it, we may find that even a craftsman can not pin the needle on your taste bud on every occasion. This is where Highbrow Vapor exceeds Lowbrow and Middlebrow e-liquid companies.

"At Highbrow Vapor we not only welcome customization of flavor, we encourage it! On every product page we give suggestions of which flavors we like to combine the most with a particular product. These suggestions are in ORANGE. Don't be misled by this into thinking these are your only options, however. You have total control over what you want your juice to taste like. Get creative...The possibilities are endless. Rest assured knowing that we only use the finest natural flavorings in all of our products and only the highest quality PG/VG and Nicotine base."

Highbrow Vapor encourages you to hack and manipulate their flavors by giving you the means to customize the ingredients for an end product simply by expressing your thoughts onto a web page of your flavored choice with an encompassing broad selection of flavors. No need to be tweaked however, this need not be complicated! The ready to order bottles of e-juice are absolutely amazing. The ready to order bottles of e-juice are absolutely amazing (repeated to show importance)... This is not a mix and match customization with radio and check boxes, or drop down boxes, or with choices of any complexity at all. You type and they shall read your words.

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Kwik Trip Nature's Touch Ice Cream, Gelato, and Frozen Yogurt

02 February, 2015 22:07 CST6CDT

Kwik Trip has an indulgent selection of ice cream, gelato, and frozen yogurt.  It is hard to pass by the freezer and fridge cases without seeing a window into your stomach filled with sugar and desert blends. While the selection is vast and it may satisfy your sweet tooth for the time being, some of the selections are of a quality unlike many others.

Let's start with Kwik Trip vanilla ice cream. It tastes rich, thick, and contains just enough vanilla to be approved for the description of vanilla ice cream. It is no Breyers but it still provides that vanilla taste when consumed in vast quantities. Mmm, good huh? You may want to look at the ingredients before you shout 'score!'. It is filled with corn syrup, sugar, additional corn syrup, and a desert blend.

The desert blend is not vanilla flavor centric. This filling or filler is in just about every flavored product in the ice cream and frozen yogurt selection. The desert blend is composed of several edible solids. Ice cream should normally contain cream, sugar, a natural flavor, and sometimes milk. No no, not at this gas station and not at a price of $3.99. What you say? Yes, you can buy ice cream without a list of ingredients overflowing an FDA label for the same price or even less at many grocery stores.

While I can complain to the cows come home (cows don't play a large part in Kwik Trip ice cream), I do buy it on occasion, enjoy it without moderation quite often, and quickly forget what I am melting inside of my mouth. If you have a craving for ice cream and you find it a convenience to purchase it while at Kwik Trip filling up on gas, go grab some! If you notice big buckets of ice cream down at your feet that are hidden for sale, ignore the buckets and move on. These gallons of ice cream are not their 'premium' dessert blend.

Frozen Yogurt along with gelato that will be touched upon in short time is nectar of the cows and the only legitimate purpose for glucose and sucrose intake from that store in my opinion. Kwik Trip's frozen yogurt selection is small though provides indulgence, a free escape, a no worry forget all other worries resort in and for most situations. This frozen yogurt is low in fat or fat free, relatively low in sugar when compared to ice cream, and brilliantly low in calories as frozen yogurt should be.

Kwik Trip Frozen Yogurt has flavors in a short spectrum starting with vanilla, flying to black cherry at the overly sweet end of the cooler, and in the middle a couple of mixed flavors that are rich in taste and contain active cultures. I would stay away from vanilla, a selection that only black cherry shares as fat free. The vanilla melts into water, has a texture if ice crystals, yet is somehow attractive. I believe it may be the desert blend that draws me to it. Why yes! The frozen yogurt contains a desert blend also. To be fair, for the same price as ice cream at $3.99 without all the fat and substantially less calories, I don't usually care at the time of a sugar fanaticism about exactly what ingredients may fill these buckets of melting delight.

Kwik Trip also has their own brand of gelato. It is sinful, wrong – oh so wrong, but so good, so very good. I have only purchased one flavor of their gelato leaving me with very little to offer with opinions for their flavors other than Salted Caramel. This Kwik Trip gelato is too good to worry about what it contains or the couple of thousand calories or three days worth of fat in a serving that I could easily eat in one sitting with no regrets. It is Kwik Trip's star Nature's Touch product and I will openly debate this with anyone. If you don't see it in the walk in freezer right away, move a couple of flavors aside and look towards the back. Their are usually one or two hidden Salted Caramel Gelato containers. I do believe these gems are hidden for reasons of great purpose by those whom hide food at grocery stores for greater purposes.

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Solving VSFTPD SSL/TLS Negotiation Failures

05 January, 2015 09:57 CST6CDT

VSFTPD by default will only allow login where the user home directory, or root directory does not have write permissions while using a chroot option.  Some say this adds a layer of security, I say it adds a layer of unneeded complexity and have chosen to use the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS VSFTPD deb package on a more recent LTS install for quite some time.  Support for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server ends in a couple of months so I was forced to update to the new LTS VSFTPD binary package for my system or compile VSFTPD by source and remove the chroot write permissions feature.  I opted to do a binary update since the server has become less complicated in terms of FTP user accounts.

I jumped the gun with a couple of FTP login attempts resulting in failed SSL or TLS communications that were the result of a couple of file system permissions - those in which I attempted only encrypted connections without debugging the good old FTP protocol to start with.  VSFTPD connection attempts on an encrypted connection looks as though it errors out as a result of a TLS or an SSL compatibility issue although it is really receiving an "OOPS".  A response from the popular FileZilla application is "GnuTLS error -15: An unexpected TLS packet was received".  The response will vary depending on the client you use.

So if you are installing or upgrading the Very Secure FTP Server, don't forget to connect with plain old FTP for debugging purposes.  You may see "500 OOPS: vsftpd: refusing to run with writable root inside chroot()" in response, a helpful message.  A user must have proper directory permissions set as I failed to do properly with a random account when upgrading.  If you opt for CHROOT and your user is 'mk' with a home directory of '/home/mk', make sure to 'chmod -w /home/mk' after creating writable folders inside that user's home directory.

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GoDaddy DNS is Down For Many

09 December, 2014 00:48 CST6CDT

GoDaddy DNS is having a SERVFAIL (failed lookup) when resolving domain names using ns* nameservers.  The problem itself lies within the ans(*) DNS servers that resolve the ns* nameserver's IP address.

I first noticed this on the evening of December 8th when failed to work as a plugin on one of this host's websites.  I verified GoDaddy's DNS failure with four separate source IP addresses.  As of December 9th 1:00 AM CST the problem is still pending a fix.  If you are using a caching nameserver, you may not notice this issue until the DNS cache expires.

Their has been mentions of DDoS attacks on Google nameservers to lookup GoDaddy sites in which GoDaddy blocked, however this is not the case at the present time (GoDaddy blocking Google DNS).  @GoDaddyHelp on Twitter responded to concerns at 12:17 AM - 9 Dec 2014 with "Some users are reporting connection issues, but we are not showing any errors on our side. We're collecting information & 1/2".  Classic!

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It is Squirrel Thursday! - Feasting on Squirrel

27 November, 2014 03:10 CST6CDT

Fat SquirrelIf your Chestnuts aren't roasting upon an open fire, this evil and fat squirrel probably snatched them from you and munched with a red eye of delight. We have witnessed them hang by the nuts steeling food from those of other nature, as shown here: Hanging In There.

Thanksgiving is time to give thanks to what may be good to you, like shelter and food. You would be kind to add meat into the food category and also give thanks to pellet guns as you strike off a life of a street crossing neighborhood four legged from hell.

Not everyone enjoys squirrel, or nut stuffed squirrel for the holiday dining table but keep in mind that they can be drained and used in a cranberry sauce for additional structure and cohesion. If you are not kind to both squirrel meat nor cranberry, you could kindly drop off a fat-evil-four-legged-squirrel and leave it where it rests as a sign of the merry seasons.

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