Hollow Celery Straw

07 January, 2007 01:14 CST6CDT

I have been known to have an occasional bloody marry in the breakfast time.  Once in a while IHollow Celery Straw will even have one in the evening.

I like mine spicy, lumpy, and a bit chewy.  It must be salty, and the condiments must not be skimpy.  If you are ever in La Crosse, check out Dells for the cities best bloody marry.

Needless to say, when I ran into this accessory to the bloody mix, my eyes jogged wide open.  I am not much of a celery fan, especially in this type of drink.  However, if celery can be used as a straw, then go on my man, put a stick in my drink.

"Some clever people at Duda Farm Fresh Foods have figured out how to grow hollow celery that you in turn can use as your fancy dictates."


Random thought...  Have you ever seen a squirrel drink from a straw? I have. Do not be deceived by their furry looks.

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Updated video of Donald Trump bashing Rosie

06 January, 2007 08:23 CST6CDT

That's harsh.

My previous Youtube post was incomplete, so here it be. 

Random thought...  I say give them some gloves, because we all know that neither Rosie or Trump will shut their wide ass mouths!!

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CES Website Resources for Next Week's Events

06 January, 2007 04:53 CST6CDT

CES is next week, so I will be hitting the sites hard for these few days (January 8-11), to find out what is crawling out of shiny new boxes these days.

Here are a few site suggestions to get the shibby on what is happening at the party:

I will be keeping my eyes open on the UMPC scene and attempt to get some more info on the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet. The 770 is on my wishlist. These two devices are probably not considered a UMPC, though they provide the features I would purchase for.

My eyes will also be open to the well known MP3 market. It has been a while since I have seen anything amazing in this industry. There is a lot of hype on capacity, codecs, and DRM, but I have a feeling we might get a taste of something exciting in this now somewhat boring sector of the market. Yes, I am shopping around for a new media player.

Random thought...  Walking to the market place...

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